Personalized Photo Calendars

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Personalized Photo Calendars
Personalized Photo Calendars
Personalized Photo Calendars
Personalized Photo Calendars
Personalized Photo Calendars
Personalized Photo Calendars
Collect your printed photos, photo collages or scrapbook pages, or upload digital photos! Select your calendar options including special covers, personal dates, monthly titles,
special sizes, etc.
Mail in your photos in the envelope provided.
Personalized Photo Calendars
Create calendar pages online.
Personalized Photo Calendars




Personalized Photo Calendars


Calendar Backgrounds, Designs, Patterns, Colors and Layouts
Personalized Photo Calendars
Choose a different colored background for each month or just use "photo only"

Choose from many different background choices. Here is a sampling of our most popular background themes.
Each theme has many variations and you can choose any theme or variation for each month of your calendar.


Choose from different photo layouts

You can choose from up to one photo to five photos per month or even make your own
layout with as many photos as you want.


Convenient with special FREE options

Here are some of the benefits by uploading your calendar

Free personal dates and titles
Faster processing time
Easy to collage multiple photos on a page and wide array of background choices
Eliminates the risk of lost or damaged photos




Special Calendar Covers

Choose from a large variety of cover options.

Personalized Photo Calendars




The Happy Kids Personalized Photo
Calendar Advantage:

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Save up to $10 on duplicate calendars


We keep your personal dates on file for use year to year

Choose from a single title or separate monthly tiles on each month

Choose from two binding choices


Two calendar sizes to choose from

Two paper choices


Scrapbooking pages welcome

Order reprints of your calendar


100% guarantee

Dates and holidays already pre-printed on calendar

Calendar reprint form

Calendar Error form

Helpful tips and options

Things to avoid when mailing in photos




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