Personalized Photo Calendar Funraisers

Our personalized photo calendar fundraisers will breathe new life into your fundraising efforts for your organization! You've probably tried many things: wrapping paper, candy, popcorn, cookies and more, but have you tried the beautiful and unique Personalized Photo Calendar yet? Unlike other items that you may have tried, this is a purchase that will bring pleasure all 365 days of the year!


An Added benefit

Since the calendars last only a year we find that people are happy to reorder the following year. This will help build a strong base for future successful fundraisers.


We offer two options for our Personalized Photo Calendar fundraisers:



Print a large quantity of calendars featuring pictures of your organization; then sell those copies to your members.



Sell individual calendar packets to your members and their friends and family and allow each purchaser to make up their own individual calendar using their own personal photos.



Print a Calendar for Your Organization and Earn 50% - 70% Profit for Your Organization!

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!



Call us to order your FREE organizing packet.


Gather your photos (either print them to mail to us or collect them digitally to upload your calendar) and personal dates if any, decide on your monthly titles and cover, and any other options (heavyweight paper, wire binding, etc.).

3. Decide on the quantity you would like (minimum of 50 calendars), upload or mail us your organization's photos and up to 20 personal dates (printed for free on your calendars, with a one-time charge of $1.95 for each additional group of 10 dates), and your cover text (free if printed in black & white, with extra charge for color on the cover).
Bonus savings: If you upload your calendar, there is no additional charge for extra personal dates.


Savings Idea

Pre-print up one or two sample calendars for display and take orders. That way we print up exactly the amount you need and no more so there is no waste.


Here's a sample of what your organization can earn by selling pre-printed calendars:


Suggested selling price of calendars: $20.00
Calendars Ordered
You Sell
Your Profit

50-74 @ $9.95 ea.

50 Calendars

$ 502.50

75-99 @ $8.95 ea.

75 Calendars

$ 828.75

100-199 @ $7.95 ea.

100 Calendars

$ 1,205.00

200-299 @ $6.95 ea.

200 Calendars

$ 2,610.00



For more information or to order

call 1-800-543-7687

Ext. #102


Order Today!




Sell Calendar Packets to Individual Families and Earn 55% Profit for Your Organization!

It's as easy as 1, 2!



Decide how many Calendar Packets you would like to sell and call us to order your packets.



After you receive your packets, distribute them to your members to sell to friends and family, and you collect all the proceeds from the sale of the packets.

We do the rest! Each person who purchases a calendar packet returns the packet to Happy Kids either through the mail or by uploading their calendar, we print the calendars, and ship them directly back to the purchaser - there is nothing else you need to do! It's that simple!


The purchase price of the packet prepays for the first basic calendar, and if the purchasers want duplicate calendars or anything else extra, they pay for the extras when they return their photos to us. If they don't want anything extra, they just return the packet, their photos and $6.45 for S&H to Happy Kids.


Promotion Idea

We can print color flyers for you at a minimal cost to promote your fundraiser. We will even help you design them if you want.


Here's a sample of what your organization can earn by selling calendar packets:


Suggested selling price of calendars: $20.00
Calendar Kits Ordered
You Sell
Your Profit
25-49 Calendar Packets $10.50 ea.*
49 Packets
50-99 Calendar Packets $ 10.00 ea.*
99 Packets
100+ Calendar Packets $ 9.00 ea.*
200 Packets
$ 2,200.00


500+ Calendar Packets ... please call for a quote.

*S&H: $8.00 for first 25 packets, $2.50 for each additional group of 25 packets


NOTE: Packets are returnable within 6 months for a
$1.00 per packet restocking fee.