The Happy Kids' 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Happy Kids Productions offers a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. We take great pride in our calendars, and want you to be happy with your order. If you are not completely satisfied with your calendars, please complete the ERROR/REPRINT Form (Error side) enclosed with your order (or available here). Please call us to discuss the nature of the error, and we will advise you whether you will need to return the calendars to us to be redone. Happy Kids errors will be corrected at our expense, including shipping costs, and customer errors can be corrected at a modest cost.


If the error was made by Happy Kids, please ship the calendar(s) back to us via 1st Class Mail, and we will reimburse you for your return 1st class (or priority mail if package too heavy for 1st class mail). (NOTE: If you choose any method other than 1st Class Mail- like 2-day or overnight, we will reimburse you only for the 1st Class/ or priority Mail (if package is too heavy for 1st class mail.). If we do request you to return the calendar, please ship them, together with the Error form, to the following address:


Happy Kids Productions, Inc.
247 Route 100, Suite 1010
Somers, NY 10589-3241