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Calendar Instructions


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Photo Selection Tips

1. The reproduction quality of your calendar can only be as good as the photos you submit.

Follow these guidelines:

Choose bright photos that are in sharp focus. If your photo is in soft focus, it will appear even fuzzier when we enlarge it.
Photos that are washed out looking or are very dark (especially in the faces) do not reproduce well.
Photo collages using light pastel colors, or neon colors do not reproduce well.

2. We will not accept photos with adult nudity in them.

3. We do not accept negatives, slides, CDís, zip or floppy disks.


4. Do not send in rare one-of-a-kind photos unless you have a back-up copy of them. (Photos occasionally get lost or damaged in the mail).

5. We accept color and b/w prints (from 2" x 3" to 8"  x 10"). Photo copies and Polaroids do not reproduce as well as regular prints. A single photo smaller than 2" x 3" will not enlarge to fill the entire page.

6. If using digital photos, print them out at 8" x 10" size and at 300 dpi resolution or an 8 1/2" x 11 sheet of paper (photo paper works best) and trim the excess white border from around the photo.

7. All copyrighted photos must be accompanied by a release from the studio.

Please be sure all photos and photo collages are assembled
and ready to be printed.
*** All photos are returned with your finished calendars ***

Occasionally photos get lost or damaged in the mail.
Happy Kidsí liability for lost or damaged photos is limited to $5.00
for a new roll of film.



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