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Duplicate Calendars - As Low As $10.95
Duplicate calendars make inexpensive and special gifts for everyone in the family!
By purchasing the kit, you’ve already prepaid for your first calendar. Additional duplicate photo calendars make wonderful gifts and if you would like to order duplicate calendars fill out Section B of your kit sheet.

Duplicate calendars must have the same photos, dates, titles and color covers as the original calendar. You can have separate personalized covers if desired (See Personalized Calendar Cover section.) Note: You must purchase a separate kit for each different set of photos you have, even if some photos are the same in each calendar. Each calendar kit must have a full set of 12 photos.

Your calendars come with pre-printed dedication page.

Please DO NOT use felt-tips when filling out this page as the ink may bleed through.

The prices for duplicate calendars are:

$18.95(plus $2.70 S&H) ea. for 1 - 4 dups
$17.95(plus $1.95 S&H) ea. for 5- 9 dups
$16.95(plus $1.00 S&H) ea. for 10 - 14 dups
$15.95(plus $1.00 S&H) ea.. for 15 - 19 dups
$14.95(plus $1.00 S&H) ea.. for 20- 24 dups
$13.95(plus $1.00 S&H) ea.for 26- 29 dups
$12.95(plus $1.00 S&H) ea.. for 30- 39 dups
$11.95((plus $1.00 S&H) ea.for 40 - 49 dups
$10.95(plus $25.00 S&H). for 50 - 74 dups
Call for Price75+ calendars

Personalized Dates

New Date Customers
For an additional $5.95, we will print up to 20 personalized dates on your calendar (list them in the space provided on your kit sheet - see Section C on your kit sheet.). This is a one-time charge. Dates are automatically printed on all duplicate calendars for free! You can use up to 30 characters for each date. (Please be sure that each date is written completely with the month and date-see example below). You can list as many additional personal dates as you would like at a cost of $1.95 for each group of 10 dates. Type or print additional sheet(s) of dates and staple to the kit sheet on the back, upper left hand corner. You may list up to three entries to appear on a single date (for example: 3 birthdays on the same date) but each entry counts as a separate date when figuring your cost. If you want one set of dates on some calendars and a different set of dates on other calendars using the same photos for both calendars, you must purchase 2 separate kits and submit a full set of photos with each kit. We cannot move pictures from one kit to another. Please make a copy of your personalized dates to check against your completed calendar.


Previous Date Customers
Request last year’s date list and attach it to
your kit sheet. We’ll print them for FREE.

If you ordered personal dates on your calendar last year, we will send your date list from last year with your new kit (see example below). We will print those same dates on this year’s calendar for FREE, but you must attach this sheet to your kit sheet (we will not automatically print last year’s dates if you don’t attach it to your kit sheet). You can make any deletions or changes to last year’s date list for a small charge*-just mark them in the space provided on that date list. Staple the list to the upper left hand corner of your kit sheet. Any new additional dates should be written in Section C of your kit sheet.

*The cost for corrections is only $1.00 for every 5 changes, additions or deletions.

NOTE: If you list an event for February 29 for a calendar year that is not a Leap Year, please change this date to either February 28 or March 1. The year 2004 is a leap year.

All calendars come printed with the major holidays listed below

New Year's Day
Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Ground Hog Day
Lincoln's Day
Ash Wednesday
Valentine's Day
President's Day
Washington's Birthday
St. Patrick's Day
Spring Begins
Palm Sunday
Good Friday
April Fool's Day
Daylight Savings
Earth Day
Ascension Day
Mother's Day
Armed Forces Day
Memorial Day
Flag Day
Father's Day
Summer Begins
Independence Day
Labor Day
Rosh Hashanah
Columbus Day
Daylight Savings
Election Day
Grandparent's Day
Yom Kippur
Autumn Begins
Veteran's Day
Winter Begins
Kwanzaa Begins
New Year's Eve


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