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A white border of approximately 1/4" - 3/8" is automatically printed by our cameras on all calendar pages. Samples below are actual copies of calendar pages.


If you do not trim your color border to within 1/4" - 3/8" of your photo, it will not blow up to fill the calendar pages.
Vertical photos are OK, but they will
leave white, unprinted space (left & right), when printed on the calendar page.
Two horizontal photos (like one vertical photo), will leave white space when printed on the calendar page.
Two horizontal photos or one panoramic
photo do not work well, they leave large white unprinted spaces on the top & bottom.
If your collage is an irregular shape, leaving blank space, the same blank space will remain when printed. TIP: Fill in the blank space with another photo, stickers or writing.
DO NOT mount any photo on a piece of white paper. When scanned the camera will see the paper and WILL NOT enlarge the photo.
DO NOT make vertical collages. They will leave blank space left and right. Make collages horizontal instead. See our catalog or website for special scrap-booking kits you can purchase.
DO NOT use the monthly sticker to hold
collages together. Use scotch tape instead. Otherwise the photos will move and appear crooked.
DO NOT use liquid glue (like ELMERS glue) to secure photos in collages. This may cause your collages to curl resulting in shadows throughout your collage.

DO NOT use glitter or other metallic objects. They do not scan or reproduce well!

Please Do Not put tape or the monthly sticker on the front of photos. The camera will see the tape and print it on your calendar! Adhere photos with tape, gluestick or glue dots on the back of photos.


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